Ibrahim Mammadov: "Full suspension of flights, complete closure of borders, complete cessation of travel are being discussed"

Ibrahim Mammadov: "Full suspension of flights, complete closure of borders, complete cessation of travel are being discussed"
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  • calendar-gray 28 March 2020

"Returning to the homeland is a natural right of every Azerbaijani, no one can and will not restrict it. But there are technical restrictions created by the state of emergency, unplanned and unexpected situation," spokesman for the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov said, APA reports.

Mr. Mammadov said that taking under quarantine whether our citizens  or citizens of other countries returning to Azerbaijan, is very important to ensure the safety of 10 million people: "Letting those people go their homes without quarantine threatens the security of 10 million citizens. But quarantine infrastructure also has a limit. As people arrive and settle in quarantine, the potential of this quarantine infrastructure is depleted. Even more and more hospitals are involved in this process, and entrepreneurs unconditionally present their hotels to the state. Some entrepreneurs even provide food to quarantined people in hotels, showing solidarity with the state and the people in these difficult times. But despite all this, the growing number of people returning to the country requires more and more opportunities. These opportunities are not limitless. Probably, there is a need to return to Azerbaijan and prevent this flow in some way."

The spokesman for the Cabinet of Ministers said that it would be very good if parents and relatives recommend their children and relatives abroad to stay where they are: "It is also safer for these people in terms of their personal health. That is, they isolate themselves at home, do not go to the city, do not use public transport, the airport and do not get on a plane. All this is a threat to their security. Therefore, it is better for these people to stay at home in the countries where they are. On the other hand, when those people return to Azerbaijan, they cannot be placed in quarantine infrastructure. To prevent this, it is necessary to recommend relatives and parents. Otherwise, the state is obliged to limit it. That is, charter flights and flights should be banned. It is true that these bans and restrictions have been imposed. But it is also a matter of discussion to stop flights completely, to close borders completely, to stop traffic completely. This was one of the options discussed."


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