Information by Task Force under Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic

Information by Task Force under Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Clock-gray 19:26
  • calendar-gray 10 April 2020

The Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic has disseminated information, the Task Force told APA.

The information says in the framework of the measures taken at the international level in the area of prevention of wide spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, a number of countries have made a decision to close their borders and have temporarily suspended entry into and exit from the countries’ territories: “As most countries have cancelled the air flights, beginning from March of 2020, the appeals have been made to our citizens being abroad and wishing to return to Azerbaijan, the return of our compatriots back to their Motherland from Iran, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Hungary and other countries has been ensured by means of the regular charter flights designated by the Azerbaijani government. In the later phase, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the existing situation in Azerbaijan was reviewed and in order to prevent wide spread of the disease, the entry into and exit from the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic by ground and air transport ways including the domestic air flights, except for cargo transportations, were suspended for the period from April 5, 2020 until April 20, 2020.

Despite of provision of the preliminary warning about closing of the borders, currently, such cases are observed as gathering at border crossing point of a group of the Azerbaijani citizens living in the Russian Federation and wishing to return to their Motherland, and creation of tension on the border by those people. In connection with the existing situation, we call on our citizens living in the Russian Federation and currently wishing to return to Azerbaijan to obey the rules of the quarantine regime, and to get registered at our country’s embassy and consulates to the Russian Federation by April 20, 2020”.

The information notes that as currently the special quarantine regime is applied in Azerbaijan, the decision on opening of the country’s borders in the upcoming period will be taken after April 20, 2020, by analyzing the existing situation amid COVID-19.

“Also, taking into consideration the capability to accept citizens of the stations designated for quarantine inside the country and the dynamics of spread of the COVID-19 disease, the issue of return to the Motherland of the persons who have passed registration at the embassy and consulates based on certain time schedule will be considered.

During the period of closure of the borders, the conditions will be created only for bringing in the country of a corpse of a deceased citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic accompanied by 1 family member (provided that the accompanying person is kept in quarantine after crossing the border into Azerbaijan) as an exclusive case.

In the times of the global pandemic, our citizens are requested to comply with the existing requirements and rules for the sake of people’s health and security, to refrain from gathering at border crossing points and thereby to abstain from violating the quarantine regime of the countries of their residence”, the information reads.


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