Minister: "There will be statements on start of lessons next week"

Minister: "There will be statements on start of lessons next week"
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  • calendar-gray 30 January 2021

"We are in favor of organization of teaching of all subjects in the visual form," said Minister of Education Emin Amrullayev while answering questions on "Education during pandemic", APA reports.

He noted according to initial calculations, lessons in primary education will start at more than 2,000 schools at regions from February 1: "These are small schools, a little part of our pupils study there, but they start visual education from February 1."

Minister said that some schools do not have a place problem in pandemic condition: "In certain sense, it is possible to provide attend of students 5 days at school. But in some cases, especially in Khirdalan settlement of Absheron district, Masazir, surrounding districts, and settlements of Baku, there are schools, which are close enough, and they have too many pupils. We are obliged to switch education to 6 days at these schools. Because number does not allow 5 days' education. Truly, if only primary school pupils come to school, there will not be a great crown. But when students of V-IX grades return to schools, there will be a crowd. We will hold discussions with our colleagues in the Task Force and will decide. Parents will get information in this regard soon. We think that parents should have information about return of their children to school a week before. There will be statements in this regard next week."


Asmar Gabil

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