PASHA Holding to donate AZN 2 mln to the Fund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus

PASHA Holding to donate AZN 2 mln to the Fund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus
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  • calendar-gray 20 March 2020

Many countries around the globe take serious preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Restrictions on travel between different countries, social isolation measures affect many areas of tourism, business, and the economy.

While the state of emergency impact on the business environment of the countries on the background of coronavirus, the health, and safety of citizens should be a priority in the current environment, and all efforts should be directed towards the presentation of the disease.

PASHA Holding which pays great importance on the safety and well-being of its employees and customers is proud of its support for government-sponsored activities.

PASHA Holding told APA that the company has contributed EUR 3 million to the creation of a lab to detect coronavirus in Azerbaijan.

Taking into account the economic damage that can be caused on the ground of COVID 19, PASHA Holding has at the same time identified a number of issues:

• PASHA Holding will donate 2 million manats to tFund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus established by the relevant Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

• avoid any job cuts by PASHA Holding and all its subsidiaries by 2020 in order to support its employees in the current situation and to meet all the costs associated with it;

• to support business development, to prevent or reduce to minimum job cuts, make discounts to the tenants of the company’s shopping centers on rent in March and April 2020.

It should be noted that currently, the relevant government agencies are investigating initiatives to support borrowers, and decisions will be made in the near future.

Note that the situation related to the pandemic will be regularly monitored by us and our next steps will be adapted to the current conditions, and our measures to support the business environment of our country and state will continue.


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