Pandemic hospitals in Azerbaijan have 7 thousand beds, Task Force says

Pandemic hospitals in Azerbaijan have 7 thousand beds, Task Force says
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  • calendar-gray 03 June 2020

“There are 7 thousand beds at pandemic hospitals,” said today Ramin Bayramli, chairman of Board of Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) at the press conference of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, APA reports.

R. Bayramli noted that we are currently at the second stage of pandemic:  “This is the transition stage from strict quarantine regime to easing. The Task Force moved to easing in stages. We have raised the capacity of hospitals to a high level during this period.  Advance treatment and diagnostic capabilities have been established in the country. However, unfortunately, as the pandemic progresses to the second stage, we should not think that we will suddenly return to normal life. The virus has not disappeared. There is no result in any in connection with finding a vaccine for the virus in the upcoming future. As Task Force, we stated that we should gradually get out of this regime and follow the requirements. Relevant methodical guidelines have been prepared over all areas of our life. In addition, various electronic and informing information was prepared and placed in public places. Despite repeated calls, our citizens seem to have put aside their solidarity a bit which they have shown in the first stage of the pandemic. It is possible that people lived in a strict quarantine regime, which they were not accustomed to, and we tended to break these rules with the desire to be free. Therefore, today we faced with 325 cases of infection. Unfortunately, despite the increase in the number of infection cases, some people try to break the rules. This sometimes can be massive. What happened in the fountain park, the incident in the subway, the attempt to resist the police is absolutely unacceptable.”


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