SEC Chair: "When coming to examination pupils will sign statement confirming absence of coronavirus patient in their families"

SEC Chair: "When coming to examination pupils will sign statement confirming absence of coronavirus patient in their families"
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  • calendar-gray 01 June 2020

"The doctors will be on duty near every building where examination is held. When coming to examination, every school leaver will bring along with him the signed statement. They should present those statements to SEC (State Examination Center) employees when entering the building where the examination is held. The text of the statement will be read aloud. It will be noted in the statement that school leavers and their parents declare that currently there is no coronavirus patient in their family and they haven’t been in contact with such patients for the last 15 day", said Maleyka Abbaszade, chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center, APA reports.

She said both school leaver and parent should demonstrate civil solidarity in this matter: "Every month, over 200 thousand people will participate in the final school exams. The examinations will be held in about 1,000 buildings. Every person will pass examination on the territory where he lives. This is a complex process. The examination of pupils of IX grade will be held in some region, while on the same day, the examination of pupils of XI grade will be held in other region. In some regions, the examination in the Azerbaijani language as the official state language will be held. At least 4 examinations in various subjects will be held every day and the examination booklets will be presented to school leavers. This is a very difficult task in terms of logistics. About 15 thousand controller teachers will participate in this process along with us. The staff not exceeding 15 members will be present in examination halls. One controller will be allocated for each examination hall. All these people have been trained and are ready for this process".

The SEC chairman said although the organization of such a process is difficult, the SEC has always enjoyed the government’s and political leadership’s support: "If everybody complies with law, we will be able to implement this process. All data related to the examinations held by us are available on our official website. The data needed by every school leaver have been place in his personal cabinet. Beginning from today, the senior officials and informatics teachers will show up for work at schools in order to help the school leavers and they can help the school leavers. At the same time, the school leavers may appeal to our regional centers".


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