Volume of water resources in liberated territories announced

Volume of water resources in liberated territories announced
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  • calendar-gray 15 January 2021

The water resources of Azerbaijan is on average 30.0 km3.  3/2 of it, ie 20.0 km3 falls to the share of transit flow, while 10.0 km3 forms within our borders, said Chief researcher of the Institute of Geography named after academician HA Aliyev of ANAS, doctor of geographical sciences Mahammad Abduyev, APA reports.

He has noted that the water resources of our liberated territories, including rivers, lakes and groundwater, are estimated at about 780 million cubic meters, and this makes up  20% of our water resources: “During the occupation, because Azerbaijan was deprived of water resources of large rivers such as Tartarchay, Hakarichay, Tartarchay tributary Levchay, Tutkunchay, Khachinchay and others, it caused difficulties in irrigating arable lands, especially during the vegetation period. Armenians committed ecological terror and did not allow the waters of these rivers to enter the foothills”.

Asmar Gabil

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