WHO recommends inoculation against coronavirus to former COVID-19 patients

WHO recommends inoculation against coronavirus to former COVID-19 patients
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  • calendar-gray 16 February 2021

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to those who had COVID-19 to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said in an interview published on Twitter on Monday, APA reports.

"So in general, we are now recommending that people should get a vaccine […] regardless of the fact whether they have had a previous infection or not," she said.

"We know that most people who had COVID-19 do develop an immune response but there is a subgroup of people, particularly those who have had a very mild infection and sometimes they don’t even know it, you know, it’s asymptomatic. Those people we know have a less strong immune response," the scientist said, pointing out that the WHO recommends to get inoculated.

"And the good thing is that, you know, the immune system recognizes the same antigen, the same protein. So even if you’ve had a previous infection and you now get a vaccine, it acts like a booster and it boosts that immune response," the expert said. She explained that so far the WHO does not have an answer to a question on the duration of the immunity against the coronavirus infection, this "is something the researchers are still looking at," she concluded.

The scientist reiterated that only adults can get vaccinated against COVID-19. "The studies in children will be starting soon. And in the next coming months, we will get more data on children," she noted.


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