WHO: No case of Coronavirus registered in Azerbaijan so far

WHO: No case of Coronavirus registered in Azerbaijan so far
  • Clock-gray 17:33
  • calendar-gray 29 January 2020

“No cases of coronavirus have been registered in Azerbaijan so far. There is no suspicious patient. Relevant bodies are working on this,” the World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Azerbaijan Hande Harmanci told APA.

She said that the WHO Delegation in Azerbaijan is negotiating daily with the Ministry of Health and the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance: “This virus will likely spread to Azerbaijan. It will spread all over the world because it is a new virus. The peculiarity of the new virus is that no one in the world can protect it. Because nobody has ever infected with this virus before. This virus is rapidly transmitted from human to human and will come to Azerbaijan one day. When it comes, it is important to make the right diagnosis and take preventive measures.”

H. Harmanci noted that meeting of Cabinet of Ministers on anti-virus measures, the establishment of the working group were measured to be taken: “Such measures are necessary even if there is not coronavirus. Each winter such cases are observed. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready for such situations.”

 According to her, a total number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world stood at 4593, 106 of them died: “Death cases have only been recorded in China, there is no death case in other countries. In addition, there were 56 cases of coronavirus infection in 14 countries. Of European countries, 3 infection cases have been recorded in France, one in Germany. The mortality rate of the disease is 2-4%. This is not a high figure.”


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