Azerbaijani MES addresses to people

Azerbaijani MES addresses to people
  • Clock-gray 11:23
  • calendar-gray 10 September 2019

Recently, the increase is observed in the number of incoming operational information to “112” hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situation (MES) regarding remaining underage children helpless behind the closed doors and in the elevators, APA reports citing MES.

The number of operational information regarding remaining behind closed doors was 42, while the cases of staying in the elevators were 33 in July-August of this year. Totally, 89 underage children rescued in 75 operations and delivered to their families: “Taking into consideration the increase of such incidents, the existence of hazardous items in the apartments like open electrical cables, gas-stows, open balconies and windows, chemical materials, etc., we call parents to be careful with babies and underage children and not to leave them uncontrolled”.


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