Azerbaijani President: "Sometimes entrepreneurs are treated unfairly, attempts are made to get something from them"

Azerbaijani President: "Sometimes entrepreneurs are treated unfairly, attempts are made to get something from them"
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  • calendar-gray 13 November 2019

"Therefore, your main tasks should be patriotism, accuracy, transparency, public service, adherence to the principles of statehood, attraction of investors and ensuring the socioeconomic development of districts," President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said while receiving Ilgar Abbasov on his appointment as head of Shirvan City Executive Authority, Mardan Jamalov on his appointment as head of Zardab District Executive Authority, Aziz Azizov on his appointment as head of Surakhani District Executive Authority, Elshad Hasanov on his appointment as head of Yasamal District Executive Authority and Rafig Guliyev on his appointment as head of Khatai District Executive Authority.

"I repeat that the state provides great support for both industrial and agricultural production. It is no coincidence that in the first nine months of this year, our non-oil industry grew by more than 15 and agriculture by 7 percent. The cotton-picking season is ending. I am told that we have achieved a record figure this year. Compared to last year, we have reduced the area under cultivation from 132,000 to 100,000 hectares, because in some places lands were chosen incorrectly. But the yield has increased. Currently, the picking continues, the yield per hectare has reached 27 quintals, last year it was 17 quintals. Whereas last year we picked 233,000 tons from 132,000 hectares, this year more than 270,000 tons of cotton were picked from 100,000 hectares. I am only talking about cotton. Great progress is also observed in grain growing. The total figure has reached 32 quintals. This is a very high indicator, but it will grow further. Yields in fruit growing and hazelnut production are also growing. In other words, the state is doing a lot in the field of agriculture. You should also provide support and pay attention to entrepreneurs, not cause them any inconveniences. If an entrepreneur wants to invest or start some kind of work, you need to provide immediate support. Sometimes entrepreneurs are treated unfairly, attempts are made to get something from them. This should never be allowed. I want to tell entrepreneurs that if they encounter such a negative fact, they should immediately notify us," Mr President said.

"The overall development of our country is positive, and I do not see any serious problem in the future because our country is quite strong politically. Stability is one of the main factors for the successful development of Azerbaijan. The guarantors of stability are the Azerbaijani people and our policy. Anyone who denigrates our policies will be punished. We are making such efforts and doing such work, and if some worthless officials commit negative acts for personal interests, they will certainly be punished, and history already confirms this,"  Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.


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