Int'l traveller: Mine threat in liberated areas is dire

Asa Lindgren, international traveller

© APA | Asa Lindgren, international traveller

# 11 May 2023 14:30 (UTC +04:00)

There is a beautiful view of Khojavend, the area with the Azikh cave. I'm afraid of caves. That's why I didn't go inside the Azikh cave, but the general view, the nature is beautiful," Asa Lindgren, an international traveler from Sweden, who visited Khojavand and Fuzuli said, APA's Karabakh bureau reports.

She shared her thoughts on the danger of landmines in the liberated areas, "The danger of landmines is dire, very tragic because people get injured and lose their lives," she stressed.

Asa Lindgren emphasized the importance of providing assistance to Azerbaijan, and in general, to other places in the world that are at risk of mines for demining operations.

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