Report made on environmental impacts of Armenia's mining industry

Report made on environmental impacts of Armenia
# 25 August 2023 11:28 (UTC +04:00)

Today, the mining industry works in Armenia, which is carried out without any environmental norms and standards, causes serious damage to the environment and arises environmental complications, according to the "Report on space monitoring of extractive mines in the Republic of Armenia", APA reports.

It was noted that a lot of negative information about this is covered in Armenia's own press. Although the amount of investment in the mining industry in Armenia is increasing, this process is accompanied by the rapid destruction of the ecological status.

The report contains the results of space monitoring of 26 ore mining deposits located in the territory of Armenia. Space monitoring works were carried out on the basis of satellite images taken by SPOT 6 and Azersky (SPOT 7) satellites in 2017 and 2023.

The list of monitored deposits:

Gafan mining industry,

Voskedzor gold-polymetallic mine,

Arjut gold mine,

Upper Vardanidzor gold and polymetallic mine,

Meghasar gold mine,

Azatek gold mine,

Armanis gold-polymetallic mine,

Garaberd gold, silver mine,

Megradzor gold, silver mine (two deposists),

Hankasar copper, molybdenum deposit,

Shamlukh copper, gold, silver mine,

Sotk gold, silver mine,

Amulsar gold mine,

Agarak copper, molybdenum mine,

Tegut copper, molybdenum mine,

Garajan copper, molybdenum mine,

Aygedzor copper, molybdenum mine,

Lichkvaz -Tey gold mine,

Lichk gold, silver, copper mine,

Mqart gold, silver nine,

Sophie Binay gold, silver, zinc mine,

Dastakert copper, molybdenum mine,

Razdan iron mine,

Tukhmanuk gold mine,

Marjan (Coral) gold silver mine.