International travelers: We'll show a wider audience what we see in the liberated territories-PHOTO

International travelers: We
# 10 September 2022 20:23 (UTC +04:00)

A briefing was held on the results of the three-day visit by international travelers to the liberated territories, APA reports.

This is already the fourth visit of travelers to the liberated areas.

More than 35 travelers from 20 countries of the world participated in this trip. The main goal here is to convey to the world the atrocities committed by Armenians in Karabakh and East Zangezur and to inform the international community about the restoration and reconstruction works carried out there.

Founder of MTP club, traveler from California Charles Veley, said that their club includes more than 30 travelers who travel the most in the world: "MTP club travelers have come to Azerbaijan. There was no such opportunity during the occupation. Since such an opportunity has arisen, we decided to visit these areas."

Charles Veley touched on the danger of landmines in the liberated areas: "Local people cannot go to those areas today. This is very disappointing. For us, it was not just a trip, we were being watched by the military and the police. Still, I am disappointed that the local community has not been able to visit those places during these 30 years. Today, the government of Azerbaijan is doing great things in the liberated territories. But despite all these efforts of the government, those areas are still dangerous."

Finnish traveler Carry Vatti noted that they witnessed destruction in the areas they visited: "We also watched demining operations. Let me also say that Azerbaijan has a very beautiful nature. We hope that these works will be finished soon and everyone will be able to travel to those areas."

Yves Bve, a traveler from Belgium, pointed out that he is engaged in extreme tourism: "The tourism potential of those areas is very high, but at the moment it is very dangerous. After demining operations are completed, those areas can be recognized as tourist areas. In fact, inviting travelers is a very smart idea. We will bring what we see to a wider audience. We felt that Azerbaijan wants to convey information to the world without any bias. We made sure of it again."

Miriam, a traveler from the USA, emphasized that these areas have great potential: "I visited the Azykh cave. This means a great potential for tourism."

Traveler from Norway, Jorn Augestad, noted that great works were done in the liberated areas: "Our trip was very interesting. Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur have very interesting nature. It is very difficult to describe the areas we visited with one impression. In general, we experienced different feelings there, we also saw the ruins and construction works there."