Azerbaijan’s SRP appealed to traffic participants in regard to commencement of new school year

# 16:24
14 September 2020

It is assumed that in connection with commencement of new school year, the intensity of movement of transport facilities and pedestrians will increase on September 15 in the streets and roads where the secondary education schools are situated, especially on the territory of the capital city, the Main State Road Police (SRP) Department told APA.

The Main SRP Department of MIA asks the traffic participants that the parents taking schoolchildren to school would strictly comply with safe traffic rules in streets and roads, and the drivers taking their children to school on automobiles would comply with stopping, halting and parking rules on that territory, while the parents using public transport facilities would comply with rules of use of medical masks protecting respiratory ways by observing the recommended social distance.

We hope that in order to ensure security of children of juvenile age, to prevent transport density in the capital city, to ensure comfortable and uninterrupted movement of other traffic participants, each traffic movement will approach our appeal in well-thought way and by fulfilling the duty falling on him (her) will not cause difficulty to schoolchildren of juvenile age on the first school day, as well as by helping the measures taken by the police, will demonstrate his (her) citizenship stance in prevention of spread of coronavirus (COVİD-19) infection.