Azerbaijani SBS prevents smuggling of drugs through state border

# 12:52
13 April 2020

Provision of reliable protection of state border and measures to combat against illegal smuggling of narcotic drugs are being continued by State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan, SBS told APA.

Trafficking of narcotic drugs of 10 kg 490 g through state border has been prevented by employees of Border Troops for 2 times during the last week.

According to the received operational information, 2 kg of heroin and 1 kg 950 g of methamphetamine have been found and taken in service territory of Goytapa border units, while 4 kg 730 g of heroin and 1 kg 770 g of methamphetamine in service territory of Lankaran border units.

Operational-investigative measures are underway related to the facts.