Entrance and exit to “Gypsies estates” of Azerbaijan's Yevlakh restricted

Entrance and exit to “Gypsies estates” of Azerbaijan
# 19 May 2020 13:24 (UTC +04:00)

A group of residents of the street named “Gypsies estates” in Yevlakh of Azerbaijan has attempted to hold a protest action by violating the quarantine regime, APA reports.

Police and military personnel of Internal Troops have held talks with them and their mind have changed.

Commenting on the issue the head of press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs, police colonel Ehsan Zahidov told APA that a group of residents has gathered in that estates in Yevlakh for protesting the implementation of a quarantine regime.

“Recently, Yevlakh city is one of the places, which is mostly infected with the coronavirus. Thus, 80 people have been tested for coronavirus in Yevlakh in recent days, 53 of them are residents of the street entitled “Gypsies estates”. That is why the estates are controlled by the police and military servicemen of Internal Troops. The restriction has been applied to the entry and exit of the quarter. Its reason is to prevent infection cases. TABIB has taken smearing samples from residents of the estates. The restriction will be applied to the entry and exit of the street until the results of the tests are announced. Some of the residents try to leave the street by violating the quarantine regime. They have also been prevented. That is why they have gathered as a sign of protest. Police and military servicemen of the Internal Troops have held informing conversations with those people. Then they have returned their homes.”