Senior state officials arrested in Azerbaijan'Masalli - OFFICIAL

# 16:29
27 July 2020

The complex and consistent measures are being continued in the area of fight against such negative factors as corruption and bribery that cast shadow on the social welfare of population in our country including the senior state officials who caused damage to rights and legal interests of individuals or entities or to legally protected interests of society or state by committing actions clearly falling beyond the scope of their official authorities, the General Prosecutor’s Office told APA.

As one of such measures, based on the received data regarding the unlawful actions of the representative Masalli regional Executive Power in Qarghalig village administrative and territorial district Subhan Zaliyev and the deputy chairman of Garghalig village municipality of Masalli region Aziz Aghayev, the investigation has been conducted in the Main Department for Fight against Corruption under the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Based on those data, the urgent operational and search measures have been taken by the Main Department according to relevant court decision, by instruction of Subhan Zaliyev who had required money from a citizen in exchange for issuance of permit for construction, Aziz Aghayev was caught on the scene of the crime while receiving a part of the demanded money on 01.07.2020, and the remaining part – on 23.07.2020 from the citizen at the office room in the administrative building of the representation.

Besides, on 23.07.2020, Subhan Zaliyev and Bahruz Musayev were caught on the scene of the crime while receiving the bribe demanded by Subhan Zaliyev from other citizen in exchange for temporary registration in Garghalig village of Masalli region through the chief accountant of the representation Bahruz Musayev on the territory of Masalli City.

On July 25, 2020, Subhan Zaliyev was brought to responsibility as the person accused on the grounds of clauses 311.2 (taking of bribes), 32.4, 312.2 (instigating to giving of bribe) and 29, 178.2.3 (attempt of roguishness by abusing official position) of the Criminal Code, while Aziz Aghayev was brought to responsibility on the basis of clauses 32.4, 312.2 and 29, 178.2.3 of that Code and the remand of custody measure was chosen in regard to them.

Currently, the intensive operational and search and investigative measures are being continued in order to determine the circumstances representing significance for this case.