Term of imprisonment of Armenian, who tortured Azerbaijani hostages, extended

# 11:09
23 April 2021

Baku Military Court has reviewed an appeal on expansion of term of an arrest warrant for Armenian citizen Ludwig Mkrtchyan, who tortured Azerbaijani captives during the First Karabakh War and taken as hostage by our servicemen in the Second Karabakh War, APA reports.

The appeal has been provided in the trial. Term of imprisonment of L. Mkrtchyan has been extended for 4 months.

Note that Ludwig Mkrtchyan is found guilty under Article 113 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan (inflicting physical pain or mental suffering on persons detained or otherwise deprived of his liberty).

 According to the information obtained by APA, Ludwig Mkrtchyan brutally tortured Azerbaijanis in Armenian captivity during the first Karabakh War. In 2000, a criminal case was launched in the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan over those facts.

On September 27 of this year, when the Patriotic War started the Azerbaijani Army took a prisoner of a group of Armenian servicemen. There was Ludwig Mkrtchyan among those prisoners of war. Ludwig Mkrtchyan, interrogated by investigators, confessed to torturing Azerbaijanis captured by Armenians in the First Karabakh War. Even several Azerbaijani servicemen who were in Armenian captivity in the First Karabakh war and then returned recognized Ludwig Mkrtchyan.

Currently, necessary investigative actions over criminal cases launched in the Military Prosecutor’s office are underway.