Department Head of Azerbaijani MOD: “Armenians were dragging bodies of deceased soldiers handing them over”

# 13:56
20 June 2019

“We had again witnessed the miserable situation of Armenian army during April wars”, said the head of the department of the Ministry of Defense Rauf Damirov at the conference of “The place and role of religious communities in strengthening military patriotism”, APA reports.

He has stated that when handing over of dead bodies of Armenian soldiers, Armenian officers were taking them by dragging. “We were shocked by this incident. Because they were soldiers fighting by the Armenian side. But when our plane landed with our pilots, was shot they bowed down their shoulders and lifted them along the shoulder and took them up to the car with a series of steps while taking the corpses from the opposite side. This made a great shock in the Armenians. This was the value given to our martyr by us.”

R.Damirov said that Azerbaijani territories have to be liberated from the occupation: “Although OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs conduct negotiations for many years, there are no results. Armenian side sets up provocations in the front line to cover up chaos in their country.  Ceasefire regime is recently violated more often, the Azerbaijani army decently replies them. They understand that the Azerbaijani army is at much higher level regarding both the weapons and moral-psychological preparedness of staff in comparison with Armenian army”.