Number of people suffer from food poisoning reaches to 17 in Azerbaijan - UPDATED

# 11:34
2 August 2019

17 people have applied to hospital with the diagnosis of food poisoning in Shabran in recent 2 days, Shabran Central District Hospital told APA’s northern bureau.

Noted that 15 people yesterday and 2 people today applied to the hospital due to food poisoning. First medical assistance was provided for the poisoned persons, they do not have life dangers. Just one of them is being treated in Reanimation Department of the Hospital. 


Mass poisoning has been recorded in Azerbaijan's Shabran region, APA reports.

10 people – Afiga Ibrahimova, Mahabbat Ibrahimova, Ilaha Ibrahimova, Elshan Guliyev, Samira Guliyeva, Tarana Guliyeva (14-year-old), Nazila Asadullayeva (12-year-old), Tarana Salayeva, Sabina Ahmadova, and Saatkhanim Mammadova applied to the Central District Hospital with the diagnosis of food poisoning. These people, living in various parts of the district, stated their poisoning reason was watermelon, cake, and drinkable water resources.  

According to the obtained information, Procurator’s Office and Police Department officials have visited poisoned people, their explanations have been received, the relevant examination has been launched, and other necessary research works have been conducted.

An investigation related to the fact is underway in the Inquiry Group of the District Police Department.