Military Procurator’s Office of Azerbaijan: Criminal case launched over MIG-29’s fall

# 11:36
25 July 2019

A criminal case has been launched in the Military Procurator’s Office of Azerbaijan and an investigation group, including experienced and qualified employees of the Office, has been established, necessary urgent investigation operations have been started related to the incident, disseminated by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence, press-service of the Military Procurator’s Office told APA.

Preliminary investigation is intensively carried out at the moment. 

"All the measures will be taken in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, with the identification of the scene, the identification of the items of importance to the case, the identification of the witnesses, their examination, the conduct of relevant examinations and the implementation of other necessary investigative actions. The leadership of the military prosecutor's office together with the investigative team went to the scene," the military prosecutor's office said.

Note that Azerbaijani Defence Ministry reported that on July 24, at about 22.00 during a scheduled training flight conducted at night, communication with the MiG-29 fighter of the Azerbaijan Air Force was suddenly interrupted, and the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. According to the preliminary assumptions, as a result of a flight accident, a military aircraft fell into the Caspian Sea. Urgent steps are being taken to search and rescue the pilot. The commission, established on the instructions of the Minister of Defense, launched an investigation into the causes of the crash.