Wedding guests hospitalized for smoke poisoning in Shirvan - UPDATED - 3 - FOTOSESSİYA

# 22:46
19 July 2019

The Ministry of Emergency Situations disseminated information about mass poisoning in Shirvan, APA reports citing the website of the Ministry.

Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic was informed that several people were poisoned at a wedding in Shirvan.

Specialists of Mugan Regional Center, State Fire Management Service, and Chemical Laboratory of Civil Defence Troops of the Ministry, as well as other relevant bodies,  were involved in the scene.

Additional information will be provided.




Police officers, criminal experts were involved in the incident at the wedding party in Shirvan. Samples were taken from items causing mass poisoning.

Shirvan City Police Department told APA's Mil-Mughan bureau that the number of wounded reached 19, including 13 women and 2 children.

Currently, poisoned persons receive medical aid in Shirvan and Hajigabul hospitals.




There was mass poisoning in the city of Shirvan as 14 people have been hospitalized for smoke poisoning at a wedding ceremony.

The incident took place in the "Yegana" wedding palace in the city, APA’s Mil-Mughan bureau reports.

The smoke during the wedding ceremony caused poisoning among the guests. As a result, 14 people were hospitalized. Because of their severe condition, they were placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Details of the case are being investigated.