Prosecutor's Office: Ali Karimli injured police officers

# 21 October 2019 15:56 (UTC +04:00)

Baku city Prosecutor's Office investigated information disseminated on social media and Kerimli Ali Amirhuseyn oglu, who presents himself as the chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, posted on his Facebook page that he was injured by police officers at the illegal rally held on October 19 and details regarding resistance to government officials while preventing the behaviours associated with a gross violation of public order, the press service of Prosecutor's Office told APA.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, people who present themselves as members of the National Council of Democratic Forces appeal to the Baku City Executive Power to hold a rally in one of the capital's central areas on October 19, 2019. After reviewing the appeal, in accordance to the relevant requirements of the Law “On Freedom of Assembly” for the purpose of preventing violations of public order, preventing riots and crimes, protecting the rights and freedoms of other persons training base of Neftchi sports club in Lokbatan settlement of Garadagh district of Baku was offered to hold the rally.

On October 19, the members of the organization named National Council, as well as Ali Kerimli introduced himself as chairman of Azerbaijani Popular Front Party, persons represented in the management of that body, and other destructive groups not learning anything from the warning of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor General's Office on prevention of rally and will take responsibility for possible public violations in case of holding unauthorized, illegal rally in the central part of the capital have attempted to hold uncoordinated rally and violate public order around 28 May metro station contradicting to the requirements of Article 9 of the Law on Freedom of Assembly.

These illegal actions have been prevented by employees of law enforcement agencies, relevant measures have been taken for 60 persons in accordance with the requirements of administrative offenses legislation for violation of the requirements for organization and holding of meetings.

As Ali Karimli left home, where he lives, headed for the territory, where unauthorized rally were being held and sounded open calls during the illegal rally, policemen forced him get in a service bus in order to prevent his attempts for deliberate violation of public order and confrontations that may appear among people, as well as actions aimed at violation of comfort of population, and to bring him to justice. Then Ali Karimli committed such actions, that can be expressed as a disobedience to legal requirements of police employees, addressed insult words to them, resisted and injured two policemen, he got an injury in his forehead as he continued resistance, attempted to get off the bus by pushing policeman and provoke and hit his head to the iron door grills for several times.

After this Ali Karimli, who was brought to Khatai District Police Office, for taking appropriate measures in accordance with the law was immediately provided with first aid, examined by a forensic expert. It was reflected on the examination discretion that according to the nature and localization of the injury it was caused as a result of hitting his head the iron fence of the door of the bus while resisting the police officer. Then, Ali Karimli was examined at the Interior Ministry Hospital and detecting no pathology he was warned and sent to his home.

Besides, the police officers resisted by Ali Karimli were examined by a forensic medical examiner and no characteristic injuries caused by showed conditions were found on their bodies.

Furthermore, it should be stated that, information disseminated by some media and social networks, on the use of force by police officers while preventing an unauthorized and unlawfully organized mass rally in the central part of the capital is completely groundless and denied by the Attorney General's office.

So that, the use of physical force within the limits and means set forth by the law is enforced in cases of arrest of offenders or offenders who fail to comply with the legal requirements of the police, as well as the use of force against them when committing offenses.

It was identified that the police officers did not violate the law and did not use any special tools during the prevention of the known illegal rally.

No force or violent actions have been allowed by police officers.