Secret witness of Zamira Hajiyeva used Ramil Safarov’s case against Azerbaijan

# 11:48
27 June 2019

The trial process based on Azerbaijan’s request regarding the extradition of Zamira Hajiyeva has started in London, APA’s London correspondent reports.

On June 26, the secret witness of Zamira Hajiyeva was brought to the next trial and behind the stage was interrogated for 5 hours by both Hugo Keith, the lawyer of Zamira Hajiyeva and Helen Malcolm, an attorney representing Azerbaijani government.

Before the interrogation, journalists and people at the court hall were asked if they represent the Azerbaijani Embassy or government. After obtaining information about the presence of Azerbaijani journalist Secret witness expressed his/her concerns to Judge Emma Arbuthnott. Taking into account the witness’s request, the judge called APA’s London correspondent and was informed about the agency she worked. All technological devices, including journalist’s mobile phone, was temporarily detained.

The secret witness who defended interests of Zamira Hajiyeva has criticized judiciary systems of Azerbaijan and alleged that there are problems in human rights issues and other segments. The witness has commented on his own about court dossiers of cases of Ramil Safarov, Khadija Ismayil, Mehman Huseynov and “Nardaran case” based on directive questions by lawyer Hugo Keith, and noted that some well-known public figures face problems with the judiciary system. Ramil Safarov’s extradition dossier was especially stressed.

Helen Malcolm, who was representing Azerbaijani government stated about ongoing reforms in the judiciary system and human rights, noted that Zamira Hajiyeva has not written any political articles and has not expressed any political opinion and doesn’t possess any political view. The lawyer made it clear that the incident that resulted in the criminal case against Ramil Safarov who was extradited from Hungary to Azerbaijan on August 31, 2012, was based on the grounds of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. The lawyer reminded the witness who made such allegations that Zamira Hajiyeva has taken a huge amount of cash from Azerbaijani banks and embezzled a large number of funds.

During the trial, mutual discussions were held regarding in the case of Zamira  Hajiyeva's extradition to Azerbaijan, where she would be kept in custody and whether the women's enterprises in Azerbaijan were in line with the standards.

The trial will continue on Friday.

Note that cell phone and other devices of APA's employee were returned to herself at the end of the process.

Recalling that the wife of Jahangir Hajiyev, the head of the International Bank, Zamira Hajiyeva, was given interest-free loans by the bank in 2009-2015, and she did not submit any documents. Z. Hajiyeva is accused of money laundering, embezzling the bank's money.