Turkish diplomat’s daughter that committed suicide was student of Baku Turkish lyceum - UPDATED-2

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21 December 2016

Åževval Günler, the 15-year-old daughter of the Turkish diplomat, was a student of Baku Turkish Anadolu Lyceum, APA has learned.  


The lyceum’s director, Recep Batur, confirmed to APA that the teen had a punishment in the lyceum.


“We just could not believe she could commit suicide because of this. She may have had problems in her family, because she had the punishment on the eighth of this month. Days have passed since,” the director said, adding that Günler did not excel in her study.


“Her grades were bad. She was a silent girl and did not have a large surrounding,” said the lyceum director.


Recep Batur noted that the lyceum’s teachers are being questioned by prosecutors.








The body of Turkish diplomat’s daughter Åževval Umeyhan, who committed suicide in Baku, was sent home on Wednesday night, APA has learned.


The 15-year-old girl’s body was brought to Turkey on Wednesday morning.


When the incident occurred, the girl’s mother was at home. Having heard the noise, the mother rushed into the room, but did not find his daughter. Then, looking out of the window, the mother saw her daughter lying motionless on the ground.







The 15-year-old Turkish citizen, who committed suicide in Baku, turned out to be the daughter of a Turkish diplomat.


The deceased’s father, Arslan Günler, is a counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan, APA has learned.








A 15-year-old girl, identified as Turkish citizen Günler Åževval Umeyhan, committed suicide by jumping off the tenth floor of their apartment in Baku’s Nasimi District.


The girl is said to have committed suicide after being suspended from her school for a one day.


A criminal case has been initiated on the fact.