183 UXOs detected in Azerbaijan’s Khizi region

# 05:34
3 September 2017

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA), the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan have disseminated information on conducted joint cleaning operations at the weapons and ammunition storage of a military unit #N of the Ministry of Defense, located in Khizi district, ANAMA told APA.

The area nearby Khizi region was inspected and 183 UXOs were detected.

In general, for 7 days the territory of 9,075,477 square meters was inspected. (907.55 hectares), found 884 units unexploded ordnance and 1,101 fragments of ruptured and burnt ammunition.

In addition, in the village of Gilyazi, in the villages of Stalchai and Shurabad in the Khizi district, educational discussions on mine safety were conducted among 3,441 residents.