ANAMA: Clearance operation in area polluted after explosion at Khizi weapons storage will take long time

# 09:42
26 September 2017

As a result of the explosion that took place at a weapons storage of Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry in Khizi on August 27, the shell fragments were spread even in the areas near the coastline, said the operation manager of Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA), Samir Poladov.


He made the remarks at the event named “Presentation of JCP Phase III, The Future of ANAMA-NATO/NSPA PfP Trust Fund projects in Azerbaijan”, which was held in Baku on Tuesday, APA reported.  


Poladov noted that the degree of spread of frahments in the area of the explosion is very high.


“Immediately after the explosion, we deployed our forces to Khizi. At present, we are clearing an area of 20 km in diameter. The area is so polluted that the clearance operation will take a long time,” he said.  


Six people were injured in an explosion that occurred at a weapons storage of the Defense Ministry in Khizi on August 27.  


The causes of the accident are being investigated.