APFP deputy chairperson gets jail sentence extended

# 12:02
17 August 2017

An Azerbaijani court has today passed a decision on the extension of the prison sentence of the deputy chairperson of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP), Gozal Bayramli, for two months, lawyer Nemat Karimli told APA.


Gozal Bayramli was detained at a border checkpoint with Georgia on May 25 after undeclared 12,000 US dollars were found in her hand luggage, the State Border Service of Azerbaijan told APA.


“As a result of the measures jointly taken by border guards and customs officers, Azerbaijani citizen Gozal Bayramli was detained at the Shikhli border checkpoint on May 25 at about 10:00pm while crossing from Georgia into the country. As Bayramli acted suspiciously, her hand luggage was inspected, and undeclared 12,000 US dollars were found and seized,” the State Border Service said.


A criminal case was against Gozal Bayramli under Article 206.1 (smuggling) of the Azerbaijani Criminal Code.


An initial investigation revealed that when Bayramli left Azerbaijan for Georgia on May 24, 2017, she had no cash to be declared, said the State Border Service, adding that investigative measures are underway.