Azerbaijan detained 47 trespassers last month

# 09:13
11 September 2017

Azerbaijan’s border guards detained 47 trespassers in August 2017, the State Border Service told APA.


Of them, 26 are citizens of Azerbaijan, 8 of Uzbekistan, 5 of Russia, 3 of Iran, 2 of Tajikistan, 2 of Bulgaria, and one citizen of Georgia.


Some 1,702 people were detained in 1,343 cases of violation of the state border during the reporting period and relevant measures were taken against them.


As many as 496 persons wanted by Azerbaijan’s law-enforcement bodies were detained and handed over to corresponding bodies.


Two kilograms and 139 grams of drug was prevented from being smuggled during the reporting period.


A series of operations combating smuggling resulted in the seizure of smuggled goods worth 231,509 manats, including 1 pneumatic pistol, 1 gas pistol, 2 shotguns, 3 TM mines, 29,170 US dollars, 20,750 Russian rubles, 35,000 leeches, 3 boats, 890 boxes of pyrotechnical means, 22,270 boxes of cigarette, 14 cell phones, 380 different medications, alcoholic drinks, as well as industrial and agricultural products.