Four terrorists eliminated in Azerbaijan

# 08:14
1 February 2017

Four members of a terrorist group were killed in Azerbaijan in a special operation carried out by the country's State Security Service on Jan. 31, the service told APA.


The statement further said that the group consisted of Azerbaijani citizens suspected of committing grave crimes linked to religious extremism.


The investigation confirmed the information received by the State Security Service of Azerbaijan that the group of people, who pledged loyalty to a number of terrorist organizations operating in foreign countries, acquired explosives and weapons to carry out terror acts in different parts of the country.


On Jan. 31, the State Security Service carried out a special operation to detain Azerbaijani citizens – M. Ulubeyov (“Abu Hafsa”), Q. Damirov (“Abdulqarib”), F. Sadiqov (“Abdulkhalid”), T. Almammadov and S. Mammadov (“Abdullah”) on charges of terror planning.


During the operation, four members of the terrorist group were eliminated as they resisted the security forces by opening fire with automatic rifles and pistols. Another terrorist, F. Sadiqov, was captured as a suspect.


The State Security Service continues taking all necessary investigative action on the case.