Azerbaijani citizen on Interpol’s wanted list after falsifying documents for getting ‘political shelter’

# 15:27
14 December 2017

The Investigation Department for Grave Crimes under the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan is conducting an investigation into a number of Azerbaijani citizens falsifying some official documents for the purpose of obtaining a permit to stay in foreign countries under the pretext of seeking “political shelter” over their rights being violated and facing persecutions because of their political views.


The investigative measures conducted into the criminal case revealed reasonable suspicions that Baku resident Rauf Huseynov, who left Azerbaijan on 4 May 2017, falsified official documents for the purpose of obtaining “political shelter”, the Prosecutor General’s Office told APA.


These documents contained falsified information on his involvement in criminal prosecution. Rauf Huseynov also alleged that he was summoned to the police together with his wife Amaliya Seyidova and daughter.


It was found out that Huseynov submitted documents with forged seals and signatures to the migration authorities of the country where he sought “political asylum”.  


A criminal case has been launched against Huseynov under Articles 320.1 (forgery, manufacturing or selling of official documents, state awards, seals, stamps, forms or use of counterfeit documents) and 320.2 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s law enforcement authorities issued an international arrest warrant for Huseynov in absentia.


Currently, complex investigative actions and search are underway to disclose the illegal acts of Huseynov in the pursuit of obtaining a permit to live in a foreign country as a seeker of “political shelter”.