Azerbaijani citizen on Interpol’s wanted list for fighting against NATO forces

# 09:35
5 July 2018

An Azerbaijani citizen has been placed on Interpol’s wanted list for fighting against NATO forces, according to Interpol’s website.


According to information, Arif Abidov (1979), resident of Azerbaijan’s Gakh district, is accused of forming an armed group. As he is outside of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan law enforcement agencies have issued an international arrest warrant for him through Interpol.


Abidov, who is a world champion in kickboxing, has previously been accused of fighting against Russian federal forces in Ingushetia and against NATO forces in Afghanistan. In 2008, he was wounded battling with coalition forces in Afghanistan and was returned to Azerbaijan through the International Committee of the Red Cross on 15 August 2009. Abidov appeared in Azerbaijani court but was released shortly after, due to some health issues.