Azerbaijani MNS ex-official: 2 mln manats taken from budget sent to Eldar Mahmudov

# 16:20
27 April 2017

Major General Elchin Guliyev, former head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the liquidated Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan has rejected the charges against him in his testimony during the investigation.  


In his testimony during the preliminary investigation, Guliyev said he worked as former head of the MSN Anti-Terrorist Center from 2007 to 2015, and then he served as department head at the MNS Academy named after Heydar Aliyev.   


Guliyev said he had always fulfilled the task set by former minister of national security Eldar Mahmudov.


Guliyev noted that former minister Mahmudov repeatedly pointed to the need to take money from the areas he supervised.  


He noted that former minister called him in December 2013 and said there was a need for a large amount of money for purchasing some equipment from Israel, instructed me to write some reports on getting money through “North wind” operation and immediately sending them to the accounting department.  


“Thus I told Ilgar Aliyev to write some reports on that matter. Then I took some of reports on taking totally more than 1 million manats and sent them to the minister along with write-off reports. After the former minister ratified the reports, an employee of us took the funds from the Office. The money was first brought to Ilgar Aliyev’s room. It was given to his assistant Vugar Mahmudov by the instruction of the former minister. The funds were sent to Vugar Mahmudov in the same amount taken from the accounting department,” he added.


According to Guliyev, after a few days, the former minister called him again and said that about a million manats are needed again and instructed me to draw up reports on its spending for the operation called “North wind” and give the money to Vugar Mahmudov.


“Several reports were drawn up through Ilgar Aliyev. We agreed with head of the finance department Rashad Huseynov to send the money directly to Vugar Mahmudov. Therefore it was given directly to Vugar Mahmudov,” he said.