Details emerge of horrific Barda family murder - UPDATED

# 11:18
24 July 2017

Details have emerged of the cold-blooded multiple murder and the suicide that happened in Azerbaijan's Barda district.

Saday Aliyev’s father, Vagif Aliyev, whose son murdered his wife and committed suicide, said that there was not any conflict in family before, according to APA’s Garabagh bureau.

According to Vagif, he went outside at night and saw his son hanged. Entering the house, Vagif saw his daughter-in-law killed and his grandchildren wounded.   

Family members told that Vagif Aliyev, born in 1968, had some psychological problems left from the Karabakh War and was receiving treatment.

The Interior Ministry also issued a statement about the murder.

Saday Aliyev, who lived in the Hajalli village of Azerbaijan’s Barda district, inflicted fatal wounds on his wife Gulbaniz, his children Maleyka and Murad with a blunt instrument while they were asleep and then hanged himself in the yard, APA’s Garabagh bureau said citing a source with the Interior Ministry.


Gulbaniz died in hospital, while Maleyka and Murad are still in critical situation.                                                                                        


The investigation is ongoing.






A man has murdered his wife with a sledgehammer in the Hajalli village of Azerbaijan’s Barda district, according to APA’s Garabagh bureau.

After killing his wife Gulbaniz Mehdiyeva, the man, Saday Aliyev, went on to attack his children Maleyka Aliyeva and Murad Aliyev, inflicting severe wounds on them.

After that, he hanged himself from a tree in their garden.

Saday’s children were taken to Barda Central Hospital with the help of the neighbors.

They are in critical condition, the hospital said in a statement to APA’s Garabagh bureau.