College director: Death of two of our students is a big tragedy

# 12:14
15 March 2017

Malak Abbasova and Turana Khaliyeva, both of whom died of carbon monoxide poisoning in an apartment in Azerbaijan, were the second-year students of Baku State Economic and Humanitarian College, the college director, Ruskhara Aliyeva, told APA.


“I went to the scene right after I heard the news. A big tragedy has befallen us. It’s said that it was carbon monoxide,” she stressed.


Five women —Balakan district residents Nubar Musayeva (1974), Turana Khanlayeva (2000), Lamiya Khanlayeva (1999), Ayten Musayeva (1993), and Jalilabad district resident Malak Abbasova (1999)–-died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their rented apartment in Khirdalan on Wednesday.  


Turana and Lamiya were sisters.