Colonel Ilgar Aliyev, who committed suicide, revealed to have testified against Eldar Mahmudov and Elchin Guliyev

Colonel Ilgar Aliyev, who committed suicide, revealed to have testified against Eldar Mahmudov and Elchin Guliyev
# 03 May 2017 16:03 (UTC +04:00)

The testimony given during the preliminary investigation by the deputy head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the liquidated Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan, Colonel Ilgar Aliyev, who committed suicide in prison, has been revealed, APA reported.


Aliyev testified on December 15, 2015. Five days later, he committed suicide.


Aliyev said in his testimony that Magsud Mahmudov was right. He said that former minister Eldar Mahmudov verbally instructed department head Elchin Guliyev to collect incriminating material about the person called Tarlan. And Elchin Guliyev instructed him to deal with this issue. “The data on Tarlan’s phone talks revealed that he had personal conflict with Mark Shamilov. After it, we summoned Mark to the ministry and we were informed about illegal acts of Tarlan. The minister was informed about it. Later, Tarlan was arrested on the criminal case proceeded by the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office. Mentioning that Magsud Mahmudov seized his land, Mark Shamilov asked for help. He wrote an application in this regard. After getting consent of Elchin Guliyev, I instructed Azer Mehdiyev, an employee of the Anti-Terrorist Center, to summon Magsud Mahmudov to the ministry.”


Ilgar Aliyev said in his testimony that Azer Mehdiyev began to threaten Magsud after inviting him to his service room. “Therefore, Magsud vomited in the room. One of the employees informed me about it. I went to Azer’s room and saw Magsud there. Later, Azer came and said that Magsud want to give $50,000. I reported to Elchin Guliyev about it. Elchin Guliyev, in turn, said $50,000 was not enough and demanded $200,000 from Magsud. I said this to Azer, after which he left.”


Aliyev added that after a while Azer returned and said that Magsud couldn’t give more than $150,000. “I reported to Elchin Guliyev about it and he informed former minister. Eldar Mahmudov. The ex-minister gave consent and let Magsud leave the ministry. Magsud gave the money to Azer in parts. Azer gave money to me. Sometimes Magsud send gold jewelry instead of money. We sent that jewelry back and told him to give money.”  


He continued: “Magsud paid Azer $120,000, adding that Eldar Mahmudov has been reported to in this regard. Mahmudov, in turn, asked that $70,000 of that amount be given to Vuqar Mahmudov and share the remaining $50,000 among the main department staff. Elchin sent the $70,000 to Vuqar Mahmudov, spared $20,000 for himself, gave me $10,000, gave another $10,000 to Azer Mehdiyev and Ramil Humbatov, and gave another $10,000 to Mark Shamilov, the applicant.”


Note that the criminal prosecution against Ilgar Aliyev has been terminated as he committed suicide.  


Businessman Magsud Mahmudov said the MNS demanded a large amount from him, threatening to falsely arrest him on charges of being an IS member or being a drug dealer. Mahmudov said that he was even threatened with blackmailing for a woman he had phone contact with.


Mahmudov then sold his car and other properties and paid the money.