Embassy: Incident in “Azerbaijan” Park planned to be built in Odessa is ‘an act of hooliganism’

# 12:40
27 November 2017

The fact that an information board on the area of Odessa, where “Azerbaijan” Park is planned to be built, was stained should be considered an act of hooliganism, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Ukraine told APA.  


The embassy strongly condemns the politicization of such acts of hooliganism, urging media outlets to be attentive in regard to sensitive issues.  


The embassy further said that the construction of the park was planned by SOCAR in 2012, but due to financial difficulties, no renovation work has been done so far, except the installation of an information board.


“Undoubtedly, such acts of hooliganism are inevitable when the territory remains neglected. If the construction of “Azerbaijan” Park was completed, the territory would be controlled and such acts of hooliganism aimed at disrupting the relations between Azerbaijan and Ukraine would not have happened,” added the embassy.


The Azerbaijani embassy said it has already contacted the executive bodies of Odessa in connection with the incident.