Azerbaijani security service official gets arrested - UPDATED

# 12:54
29 May 2018

The Azerbaijani State Security Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office have issued a joint statement.


According to the statement, the State Security Service has detained Mehman Agharzayev and Nariman Sadigov for smuggling a great deal of illegal drugs (including 1,565g heroin, 500 pill of methadone and psychotropic substances) from Iran to Azerbaijan.  


The two detainees have been put on remand.


Meanwhile, Shirvan city resident Khayal Abdullayev has been found to be an accomplice in the aforementioned crime and remanded as 258 tablets of psychotropic substance of pregabalin with a total weight of 77.4 grams were found in his home.


Further investigations revealed that Rovshan Aghayev, an official of the State Security Service’s Shirvan department who began working for the liquidated Ministry of Security Service in 2006, has in collaboration with another Shirvan resident and swindled a large amount of money from Shirvan resident Saraykhanim Abdullayeva in return for her son to be released from prison.


It has become clear that Abdullayeva went missing on May 24, 2018.


Aghayev has thus been dismissed from the Security Service and detained along with Matlab Amirov, with whom he collaborated.


The Interior Ministry, the State Security Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office are taking necessary investigative measures with regard to the disappearance of Saraykhanim Abdullayeva.







Employee of the Shirvan city department of Azerbaijan’s State Security Service, chief operating officer Rovshan Aghayev (born in 1982) has been detained, APA has learned.


The reasons for Aghayev’s detention are not yet disclosed.


The chief operating officer is said to have been detained over the loss of Shirvan resident Saraykhanim Abdullayeva a few days ago.