Georgia initiates criminal prosecution against Azerbaijani transplant surgeon

Georgia initiates criminal prosecution against Azerbaijani transplant surgeon
# 26 January 2018 14:57 (UTC +04:00)

The Georgian Prosecutor's Office has initiated a criminal prosecution against an Azerbaijani transplant surgeon.


The Georgian Prosecutor's Office said in a statement today that the surgeon is accused of embezzlement and attempted embezzlement of huge amounts of money of different patients, APA’s Georgia bureau reported.


"Since the surgeon M.K. refuses to appear in the investigative bodies, the prosecutor's office has applied to court with a request to issue a verdict on his detention. Once the request has been approved, the surgeon will be put on the wanted list," said the statement.


According to the statement, the director of Tbilisi’s Lanset clinic invited surgeon M.K from Azerbaijan in 2016. The surgeon was not given a certificate of medical specialty by the Georgian side.


“In order to attract clients, the clinic’s administration started disseminated information via social networks and television that a transplant surgeon had been invited from Turkey who would hold free consultations for people with liver problems,” said the statement.


In February 2016, two Georgian citizens appealed to Lanset clinic for consultation. They were said that they needed immediate liver transplantation and that a group of transplant surgeons from Turkey, who had carried out such operations successfully, were in Georgia by that moment.


One of patients paid the clinic director 99,204 lari (more than $40,000) for transplantation. Then an agreement was made with the other patient, which stated that he would pay $40,000 on April 10, 2016.


Both patients, who underwent surgery in Lancet clinic in March 2016, died a week after the operation.


The director of the Lancet clinic, Farman Jeyranli, was detained in May 2017. Jeyranli is expected to be sentenced from 6 up to 9 years of imprisonment. The Tbilisi City Court is considering the case.


The abovementioned transplant surgeon is Mirjalal Kazimi.


During their arrest Kazimi and Jeyranov pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them.