MFA: Search underway for missing Azerbaijani student in Italy’s Lake Albano

# 13:43
7 June 2018

The search continues for the Azerbaijani student who went missing in Lake Albona in Italy on June 2, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev told APA.  


A few days ago Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry received information about the disappearance of an Azerbaijani citizen in Lake Albona, 25 km from Rome, at around 6:00 PM (Rome time) on June 2, said Hajiyev.


"The officer responsible for consular issues of Azerbaijan's embassy in Italy has been sent to the scene. He has contacted Italian police, rescuers and ambulance crew members to get information on the causes of the incident, the current situation and the identity of the missing person,” the spokesman said.


“It turned out that two Azerbaijani students studying in Italy went to Lake Albano. While on a catamaran, one of them, Elnur Babayev, tried to swim in the lake. Another student who was with him said that Elnur Babayev could not swim, so he drowned despite his friend's efforts to save him,” Hajiyev added.


Hajiyev noted that Azerbaijani Ambassador to Italy Mammad Ahmadzadeh has repeatedly visited the scene and held meetings with law enforcement officials, and that divers have been sent to the scene.


"This lake is a tectonic one. Its bottom and relief have a complex structure, making it difficult to search. To date, an Italian search-and-rescue team has been continuing the search. Elnur Babayev's family has also been informed about the incident. His father came to Italy and was led to the scene. The embassy in Italy is taking all necessary measures within consular service with regard to the incident,” he added.