ANAMA: Two Azerbaijan citizens injured in mine blast on Turkey-Iran border - UPDATED

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20 June 2017

Two Azerbaijani citizens Hazi Aslanov and Ruslan Gasimov were slightly injured in a mine accident that took place during demining operations on the Turkish-Iranian border on June 20, a spokesperson for the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) told APA.


The two injured, who are the employees of ANAMA, were hospitalized, and there is no danger to their lives, said spokesperson Sabina Sarkarova.


According to the agreement concluded with Turkey’s MECHEM, ANAMA is carrying out mine-clearance operations on the Turkish-Iranian border, noted the spokesperson.


She added that thousands of mines have been found and disarmed by specialists since April 19, 2017.






Two Azerbaijani citizens were wounded in a mine explosion on the Turkish-Iranian border.


The Azerbaijani sappers –-Hazi Aslanov, 35, and Ruslan Gasimov, 38–- were injured during the demining operations in the foothills of the Little Agri Mountain near the Aralik region of Igdir province, APA reported citing DHA.


Hazi Aslanov suffered injuries to his hands and eyes while Ruslan Gasimov hurt his leg.


The injured were taken to the Igdir State Hospital. They are in a stable condition. 


Specialists from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Mozambique are involved in demining operations in that area.


The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) is also carrying out a mine-clearance operation in that area.