Murder committed in Baku TB Dispensary

# 07:15
28 December 2016

A murder has been committed in Tuberculosis Dispensary in Buzovna settlement, Baku’s Khazar district.


45-year-old Fargana Mursalova, who had worked as a nurse in the dispensary, was stabbed to death by his 24-year-old son-in-law Elchin Huseynov.


It’s reported that the day before a dispute erupted between Elchin Huseynov and his wife, as result of which the latter left the house.


Later on, Huseynov went to the dispensary and asked Mursalova to send her daughter back. Huseynov stabbed Mursalova to death as the latter rejected his request.


A criminal case has been initiated over the murder, investigation is underway.