Over 2,000 police officers hold operation in Baku

# 10:59
8 October 2016

Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. On October 7, Baku City Main Police Department’s police agencies took comprehensive measures, with 2000 employees being involved in, to protect public order and public safety, prevent and solve crimes, as well as ensure road traffic safety.


The Interior Ministry told APA that 4 people, who committed various crimes, and 29 wanted people were detained as a result. Besides, under the Administrative Offenses Code, relevant measures were taken against 225 citizens over being engaged in street trade, 53 over idleness and begging and 2 over prostitution, 1416 over violating passport regime, 31 over minor hooliganism, 74 over violating unsanitary rules, 2 over illegal construction, 3 over violating the law on advertising, 1 over deliberately disobeying illegal demands of the police.


Traffic police officers of the State Traffic Police Department issued protocols on the administrative violations under relevant articles of the Code of Administrative Offences in Baku in cases of violation of traffic rules by 1565 drivers and flagrant violation of these rules by 223 drivers. They brought 68 cars in which various sound signals, mufflers, lights, blinds, films and other illicit car accessories were installed to temporary stop. They detected 192 drivers having unpaid fines. One driver was detained for auto-hooliganism. Police officers took measures against 40 drunken drivers, 395 drivers not following the stopping requirements and 504 pedestrians crossing the road in prohibited areas.