2 persons detained for demanding $50,000 from head of energy drink company in Azerbaijan

# 14:19
3 May 2018

The head of a energy drink company in Azerbaijan has complained to the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime that two persons named Mammad and Fikrat threatened to make a fake video of a dead mouse found inside an energy drink and to share the video on social networks, the Interior Ministry told APA.


According to the ministry, the persons required $50,000 from company leadership in exchange for non-dissemination of this slanderous, false video.


As a result of operational and search measures carried out by employees of the Main Department, Baku residents Mammad Abbasov and Fikrat Abdullayev were detained while receiving $10,000 from the leadership of a company. During a personal search of Abbasov, money which he had received by threatening was revealed and taken as material evidence. The detainees have confessed to their actions in their testimonies.


The Investigation Department of the Main Department has initiated a criminal case under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Necessary operational and investigative measures are underway.