Police officers killed in Ganja showed loyalty to state – deputy interior minister

# 14:33
11 July 2018

Police officers lived up to their oath in order to maintain order in Ganja and throughout Azerbaijan, showing their loyalty to the state, Deputy Interior Minister Oruj Zalov said at the funeral ceremony for the police officers who were killed in yesterday’s incidents in Ganja.  


"Getting killed as a martyr, they made it clear to thousands of people that crime won’t be tolerated. To maintain stability, they sacrificed their souls, fulfilling their oath,” he said.


The deputy minister added that both officers worked decently over the years.


“Ilgar Balakishiyev served in interior agencies for 35 years, doing all his duties to the best of his ability. He was awarded by the Interior Ministry’s leadership many times. In 1992, Ilgar Balakishiyev was awarded the medal “For Courage" by the national leader Heydar Aliyev. He was highly respected by Ganja residents. With his exemplary service, he demonstrated how a true policeman should be,” he said.


The deputy minister went on to say: “Our martyred brother Samad Abbasov also passed the glorious path of the police service from sergeant to major police. Having been appointed as deputy chief of Ganja’s Nizami District Police Department, Samad Abbasov always differed with an exemplary service. He was an example to the collective with his glorious service in the protection of public order in Ganja. Today we are seeing off our brothers. This is a big loss for us, Ganja residents. But I believe that memories of Ilgar Balakishiyev and Samad Abbasov will never be forgotten. Their fellows, residents of Ganja will remember their glorious services. I believe that many young people will take their example and sacrifice their lives if it comes to protecting peace in the country,” he said.