Preliminary investigation into Nardaran resident’s case ends

# 11:14
15 December 2016

The preliminary investigation into the criminal case of Natiq Karimov, a resident of Baku’s Nardaran settlement, has been completed. 


The final indictment about him was announced today. Tomorrow Karimov, along with his attorneys, will begin reviewing materials of the criminal case.


In series investigative operations, the State Security Service has discovered reasonable suspicions of Nardaran resident Natiq Karimov of having worked for foreign special service agencies for a long time, and having spied and committed treason against the state security of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The Stated Security Service detained Karimov as a suspect and he was sentenced by a court to pretrial detention on charges of treason (Article 274) on January 7, 2016.


His pretrial detention was later commuted to house arrest.