Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate reasons for school principal’s suicide attempt in Goychay

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22 December 2017

A criminal case has been initiated after the suicide attempt by a school principle in Azerbaijan’s Goychay district, Eldar Sultanov, spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office told APA.


The criminal case has been filed under Article 125 (brining to suicide) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, and the reasons for the suicide attempt will be investigated, said Sultanov.


On December 22, the principle of a secondary school in Goychay, Akif Garibov, attempted suicide outside the school building by cutting his veins. Garibov is in critical condition now.  


Akif Garibov, who has been working as a school principal for many years, is said to have attempted suicide because he was required to pay a large sum of money, which he was unable to give.