Several Nardaran residents detained for illegal arms storage

# 10:52
10 April 2018

A large number of arms and ammunitions have been seized from residents of Baku's Nardaran settlement. 


The Interior Ministry told APA that after being notified of Nardaran resident Eminaga Babayev storing firearms, the Sabunchu police detained the suspect. The police found that Eminaga was storing the arms inside a 12 meter deep water well in his yard. During the inspection with the participation of witnesses, a Kalashnikov was found inside a box with 20 cartridges.


In addition, the Sabunchu police detained another Nardaran resident, ex-prisoner Fakhraddin Hajiyev for storing illegal firearms. It turned out that Nardaran resident, ex-prisoner Fakhraddin Hajiyev was detained and brought to the police station. During the inspection, a Karabin automatic rifle, a Makarov pistol, two F-1 grenades and lighters, a AK-74 automatic bayonet knife and 65 different types of cartridges were detected buried in the ground in the yard of his house.

The materials gathered have been sent to the Investigation Department of Sabunchu District Police Office.