26 of 39 poisoned people at the wedding in Tovuz, discharged home - UPDATED - 3

26 of 39 poisoned people at the wedding in Tovuz, discharged home - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED - 3</span>
# 08 September 2017 05:53 (UTC +04:00)

39 people were poisoned at the wedding in Tovuz district of Azerbaijan, the district hospital told APA's western bureau.


On September 7 during a wedding party held in the "Turan" wedding house 39 guests turned to the hospital with symptoms of food poisoning. Six of them are children, the rest are adults. All of them received medical care. 26 patients were discharged home, 13 patients are still being treated.

According to the preliminary version, the poisoning caused a salad.



The number of poisoned people at the wedding in Tovuz district of Azerbaijan exceeded 35, APA's Western bureau reports.


At present 6 children and 30 adults are being treated at the hospital. It is not excluded the increase in the number poisoned people.


The owner of the "Turan" celebration house Shukur Abbasov explained that the administration only leased the object, all the food and other foodstufs brought by the tenant.


Before reported that the following 11 people poisoned:

Vasif Hasanov, born in 1983

TalehGasanov, born in 1984

Gunay Huseynova, born in 1983

Shakhin Mamedov, born in 1958

Zohrab Mamedov, born in 1984

Adil Huseynov, born in 2008

Elmir Mamedov, born in 1984

Akif Bagirov, born in 1990

Gyulnar Guseinova, born in 2001

Elmira Gasymova, born in 1959

Gultakin Mamedova, born in 1989

Novrasta Mamedova, born in 1967

Makhbuba Aslanova born in 1980

Samira, born in1990